13° is a wine cellar built by serious wine collectors who saw the need for a full service customer-focused wine storage facility in Hong Kong.

As enthusiasts ourselves, we set forth to offer the same conditions as we expect for our own collections, from climate control to security to customer service.

Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Cool, stable temperatures are ideal for slow maturation of wine with experts commonly agreeing that 13° is optimal. We are able to maintain a consistent average temperature range within +/- 1°

ensuring peak conditions for maturity with the help of Italian cooling technology.

Humidity levels of at least 70% relative humidity are optimal for wine storage, at this humidity, cork expansion occurs preventing oxygen from leaking into the bottle and causing oxidation;

a major contributor to the overly bitter taste in poorly kept wines. At 13° our humidity control system maintains our cellars at the much-needed level, keeping wine in and oxygen out.

Ultraviolet light can be very harmful to collections, even if exposure is only very brief. At 13° we block off all sunlight and use low-intensity

LED lighting to ensure optimal aging conditions without any unnecessary heat.

13° ensures the security of your investment. State-of-the-art alarm, lighting, and CCTV systems protect our cellars. For the utmost security, each locker is secured with an RFID access

card as well as your own door lock and key. In addition, there is a security guard on site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Cellar Type Area (sq ft) Monthly Rent (HKD)
Imperial 85 10,180.00
Rehoboam 65 7,980.00
Jeroboam 56 6,780.00
Magnum 50 5,780.00
Standard 40 4,980.00
  • Terms:
  • • Minimum one year agreement
  • • One month deposit, monthly billing


Quantity   Descriptions  Rental (HKD/month) Minimum Charge (HKD) Additional
Insurance Coverage (HKD/Bottle/Month)
1 Standard Case (12 bts) 18 900 0.8
100+ Standard Cases (12 bts) 16.2


Check-In Fee (HKD/bottle)
In bottle 2.00
In case 1.00


Location Fee (HKD/per case) Delivery Schedule Additional Case (HKD/per case)
Hong Kong island 200 Monday,Wednesday & Friday 20
Kowloon 250 Tuesday & Thursday
New Territory 350 Tuesday & Thursday
Outlying Islands 450 Saturday
  • Our scope of services: warehouse leasing, registration & management, delivery & handling, and related coordination. All the services are subjected to wine, and customers can select services they need in our contract.
  • One month deposit, monthly billing
  • Delivery & pick-up can be arranged with request (within Hong Kong SAR only).


What’s the difference between warehouse storage and the private cellar service?

The entire facility operates under the same climate control system and insurance policies. It’s a matter of having your private space versus a managed environment like the warehouse area. For warehouse storage clients we are able to make and receive deliveries on your behalf and immediately check-in for you. For private cellars, we can receive deliveries but to ensure your privacy and security, unless you make your cellar accessible to us, we will not be able to deliver wines from your cellar.

Can you receive my deliveries/new purchases on my behalf?

Wine receiving service is offered to all our customers at no additional charge however we will not deposit them directly into your private cellar. We will ensure the bottle count matches any documentation provided, but leave the verification of wines to you. Wine will be kept in our temperature controlled main warehouse until your next visit. Please advise us in advanced if you are expecting delivery.

Can you help me move my wine collection to 13°?

Of course, and for moving wines into your newly opened 13° private cellar, move-in logistics are offered free of charge. Please contact us regarding pricing, we can pack and transport wines to our facility at any time.

Are there wines rack in the private cellars?

Racking solutions are not by default provided, however our facility managers can assist you in installing wine racks.

I have decided that I would like to store my wines at 13° – what next?

Call us at 2546-7628. If you would like a tour of the facility we would be more than happy to receive you. Our facility managers can show you the facility, the security and climate-control systems we have in place and help identify suitable storage solutions and racking options to fit your needs. We will also be able to arrange receipt of your wine delivery within a few days to get you started.

Can I upgrade my space within the term of the contract?/What if I run out of space in my private cellar?

Subject to availability, you can upgrade to a different size unit at any time. You do not have to wait until your lease term ends. Any pre-paid rent on your old unit is automatically credited and applied to your new unit. Alternatively, if you don't want move your bottles, you can keep your unit and lease a second one under the same account.

Are my Wines insured?

Absolutely, all wines within our facility are insured by a blanket policy and we are able to assist you in liaising with some insurance agents to secure additional coverage should you desire it.

Will my wines be secure?

Security was a critical factor in our design process. We have a full security system leveraging locks and bolts with RFID passcards, CCTV, and 24-hr guard presence with digital recording and back ups of all areas of the facility.

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